Part 2

Tunnel #1  was nothing more than we noticed the night before.  The bows out of place.  We were missing some end plates for the bows that had moved.  The rope was also broke in several places too. We did what we could, and left if.  The winds were still to high. 

We checked the weather, and wanted to get everything together before the snow came, or we knew it would be a lot more difficult to do if we had to dig through the snow to put them together.  The winds were not in our favour.

Winds are always at the lowest at sunset and sunrise, so we thought we would get up Saturday morning and try and get tunnel # 3 done.   We were up before daylight to see what we could do.  Head lamps on, all bundled up and away we went.  The winds were still stronger than we expected and wanted.  We fought with the winds and the plastic, and did our best to get one set of ropes on.  We had to hustle. 

We got one set on, and got prepared to get the second set on.  It was daylight now.  We managed to get it completed and tightened down.  One down one to go.


The winds were way too high at this point to even think about starting the other tunnel.  Jeff had to go relief milking for a friend that evening so we knew it would be a late night.  The winds were going to be low too, so why not try and get it done, and not have to worry.

As Jeff was leaving I was texting our friend Ritske.  He was coming over to help me get the tunnel together before Jeff got back.  A nice surprise (hopefully).  Ritske myself and even Olivia went out to get tunnel #1 back together.  We started getting the plastic over and a large gust of wind came.  It bent the bow at the far end, so much it wasn’t repairable.  And would be the weak spot.  We do think it will be repairable now but at a later point, which is a bit of a relief.

We had to decide what we would do, are we going to continue and put it up or just leave it.  What was Jeff going to think, I tried to help and get it crossed off the list of things to do and I end up breaking the bow.  Even though it was something beyond my control.

We went to work and put plastic on.  I would explain it to Jeff later.  We had to tie them off in several places since the rope had broke.  I think we will be looking at getting stronger ropes. 

Jeff texted me before he left and told me to be prepared to work when he got home.  When he got home I had been busy baking a cake, muffins, bread and was starting on homemade tortillas.  I also had supper ready.  Olivia and I had gotten so much done, that he didn’t suspect anything.  He came in, and I got ready to go.  Olivia went up to bed and wished us luck on getting the tunnel up.  She wanted Jeff to come up and say good night when were done.

Jeff had the flashilight and headlamp and was looking for the bare bows when we went out.  He was surprised I had it done.  Then I had to walk him to the far end and show him what had happened.  We discussed ways to fix.

After a long day, we were all happy we weren’t having to work in the dark and get it up.  And just in time, it is snowing on Sunday morning.    We still need to tighten down tunnel #1 but that won’t take long.  We can’t wait for some snow either to help protect the plastic at the sides. 


All three tunnels are up, even though you can only see two.  The snow will help hold the plastic in place during the high winds. 

Little by little we get through everything.  After a rough week and month we hope February is a better month for us.