Part #1

On Thursday we headed to town to drop off some vegetables to Terrre Rouge and some eggs to customers in Cornwall.  The winds were high so we took some time to make sure the tunnels were going to be fine.

Tunnel # 1 seemed to be fine,  all the topes in place and tight.  Tunnel #2 needed the ropes put on over the last bow (again).  We had tied the ropes off at the second bow on all the tunnels since we have had some trouble.  We got them put back on, and went to tunnel #3.  We have had trouble with it all along since one side still had S-hooks on it, and not eyebolts yet.  So everything was looking good, we got the veggies and eggs and headed into town. 


We weren’t gone very long, and it was just starting to spit out.  Not too bad.  We were in separate vehicles since the car was left in a driveway in between Charlottetown and home.  The roads were too icy on Wednesday when I was headed home from Charlottetown and even with studded tires couldn’t make it up the hills.  It took four hours to get home.  I was stuck on the hill, had to wait for a neighbor to come get me after the plow had been by.  In the meantime I watched several others get stuck, slide down the hill sideways and even a truck get hit by the plow.   So we go the car, and came home in two vehicles.  I was following Jeff. We came around the corner onto Inkerman and I saw plastic flying everywhere.  My first  thought, was oh no, what are we going to do.  Tunnel #3 had just been fully planted.  Then I wondered if Jeff saw it and if he did what he was thinking.  We pulled in, both jumped out and ran to the house.  He changed into his boots, I just changed my jacket (I had boots on, but not farm boots) and went out. 

Jeff started grabbing some heavy things to put on the plastic, like cinder blocks and anything heavy he could find.  The winds were too strong, nothing was working.  We weren’t sure if the plastic was ok, or if it all tore.  I was about ready to give up, when I thought about tying the plastic with the ropes from the tunnels to the bows, finally something that worked.  Each bow is in the ground three feet with rebar.  We didn’t think they would go anywhere now.  We were just over half finished and I left Jeff to finish it and thought I would start on Tunnel #1.  It was going better since we already had it figured out.  Jeff came and joined me at the other end.


We got almost to the middle and noticed the 2 bows had been pulled up and moved.  Completely out of the ground and put back in, rebar and all.  We never thought that would happen.  We were always told to beware of the snow with the tunnels, never the wind.  But since there was no snow left to hold the plastic in place the wind was able to get under, and the wind take everything up.


During all this the rain was pouring, coming at us sideways as hard as it could.  We were both soaked to the bone.  At least it was a warm wind.  To the South we could see blue skies, and to the West sunshine.  After all of this, when I got on Facebook, I saw pictures of rainbows.  We weren’t looking for them, but the thought had crossed my mind that there was one. 

We came in, knowing there was nothing else we could do for the day for them.  But on the bright side, they did get a good watering.  Not that they would need it if we could salvage them until spring.


Tunnel #2 was still up.  We were expecting it to be down when we woke up in the morning.  With the strong winds all night, we thought for sure it would be down.  We knew there was nothing we could do for it through the night so tried to get a good night sleep.  That didn’t happen.   


Friday the winds were still too high to do anything with, but we went out and examined things.   The three end bows on Tunnel #3 had been pushed in, but we should be ok to use them again.  This tunnel has been trouble since the beginning, and we think partly because it still had the S-hooks.  The S-hooks came with them, and were recommended.  But we didn’t like them from the beginning when we were putting them up so we brainstormed and came up with the eyebolts and got them all replaced except one side on the tunnel.

We switched gear though and laundry would be the next thing to tackle.  Half way through the load, the main bearing went on the washer.  The part is $300 plus labour.  Its time for a new washer, but that will have to wait until late spring now.

What a day, or past couple of days.