We have been working on getting up the fourth greenhouse since before Christmas.  This “new” greenhouse will be heated through a woodstove that we will start to run in March sometime as we start to get more seedlings than we can house in doors. 

We got the posts in before the ground froze and that was about all that we managed to get done for some time.  I think it was December before we really got working on it.  We got the frame put up, wire lock channels in place.  We did purchase the greenhouse used so it was a little tricky getting everything to line up the way it had been for the previous owner.  With no parts labeled, and not seeing how it was originally assembled it took some extra time.  We got the main frame completed before we headed to Ontario for the Guelph Organic Conference it only took several days out in the cold wind. 

Once we returned from Ontario we started back into getting the greenhouse complete.  There were a few odds and ends before we could get plastic on.  Jeff worked out in the cold getting everything ready for the plastic.  Tuesday I decided that Wednesday would be the day to get the plastic on (hoping the winds would stay low).   Tuesday we shoveled out most of the snow from the inside of the greenhouse.  We still have about 8” of ice under the snow.


So Wednesday morning we went out to get started.  The plastic was frozen together in a couple places and had to melt some ice.  Then we were ready to go.  Got the main plastic up and over.  It didn’t take much time for just the two of us.  Then we started on the end walls.  The end walls would have normally been done first, but since we are limited to calm days, we thought would save them for last.


We found several small holes in the plastic that we have had to cover and hopefully we have found them all.  Jeff got the place for the woodstove ready, and the fan for the plastic installed.  After 3 more days of hard work in the cold we have finished it (for now).  We will be shoveling out some snow and ice as it melts so we don’t have a big mud pit.    Now to wait for the seedlings…..