Well things seem to be coming along nicely.   We have another heat wave coming through which hasn’t been so nice.  We have been getting up before 5am to get things harvested, and chilled before the heat comes.  It can make for a long day.  Then we start again after supper when things are starting to cool down.


We have a new record in the greenhouses.  The actual was 45.7C, not the feels like.    With the heat loving plants not liking it that warm, and not much of a breeze we are surprised at how well things are growing. 

The breeze today is a nice welcome, especially after yesterday.  The heat of the day is a great time to work on the weeds.  They just don’t survive.  But at the same time, you have to be extra careful with the plants, or you can do more damage than good.

We have been over taken by mint the last couple of weeks.  It is a challenge to get through it but we are.  The rows are starting to look like rows again.   I love weeding.  It can be an enjoyable time, with lots of time to reflect, and just time to myself.  It is almost much needed time.

Fingerling potatoes

We are starting into the beans.  The English cucumbers are also coming along nicely.    We dug a few new potatoes from the field (up to now they haven’t been from the field).    We have a few eggplants on, and lots of blooms.


This is a great time of year, so much coming on, and so much to still come on.  The sugar snap peas from the field are on.  We started harvesting snow peas and the snap peas are coming along nicely. 



Now for the rain.  We are hoping we get the rain they are calling for on Thursday.  We have some more transplanting to do everything desperately needs a drink.  We have been irrigating but it is such a slow process here.  We are looking at improving it.  I am not sure how much other small farms irrigate but we are putting in our best effort.