We spent last Saturday off farm.  The overcast day was perfect for being able to leave the farm and greenhouses.  The animals were all fed, and we opened up the greenhouses a little and were confident that we should be okay to leave things as they were.  It was going to warm up some, but with the strong sun behind clouds and rain we knew we would not be cooking the seedlings or other plants.


We started our day heading out to a Communications workshop.  Now that we are at the size that we are starting to hire employees we want to make sure we can manage them as well.  This workshop taught us about what personality style we are.  Most people have taken different personality type tests, and we have taken our fair share as well.  This one was new to us and a little different. 


When we take these workshops it is usually with a group of farmers, so it can be more focused on how farm operations work and the challenges we have.  After the workshop we went for a tour of Stokdijk Greenhouses Ltd in Beaver Brook NS.   We met the owners over a year ago as they were transitioning into the operation.


We got to see what level they are at, with selling to Sobeys, and other larger markets.  They grow hot peppers, mini cucumbers, English cucumbers, tomatoes and more.  Here are some pictures from their greenhouse. 


     Kim explaining how the tomatoes grow (Tim in the background)  Row and Rows of tomatoes. 




        Cucumbers growing   Cucumbers being wrapped


I cannot imagine having a heating system that large.  Imagine the heating bill that comes with that. 


It was great visiting with the Stokdijks and getting to see their operation, and how it is all going.  With going to these workshops it really expands out networking opportunities and we learn so much more from the others that attend.  It was another great day off farm.  The off farm days are going to be coming to an end soon as we continue to get closer to the main season. 

One of our main challenges with leaving the farm this time of year is temperature control of the greenhouses.  We would like to eventually get past this stage, but it will take some time before we get there.  Once we get into the warmer months we don’t have to worry, or the cold dark days of December and January.