After last winter with all the freeze and thaws we had, and the location of one of the greenhouses we thought we should move the greenhouse up with the other two greenhouses.  We wanted to get it moved by the end of August in order to get it planted in time for winter production.

We started working the land where we were moving it to in June to make sure that the weeds were under control and it was well prepared.  We added lime and some manure and kept working the area throughout the summer.


We removed the plastic about two weeks ago, knowing that the plants in there (eggplant, and peppers) would not like it, but knew we had to.  Last Saturday we started taking it down.  We had a little help from a friend.  We got all the bows down, the hip boards and cross supports.  We were impressed how quickly it came down.  The next thing was to get the posts pulled up, they were down over two feet.

Jeff worked on getting the posts pulled up.  It is nice having access to a tractor loader to help with some of these jobs.  We weren’t even sure if it would work, or how easy they would come up. 


We had a group organized of volunteers to help reconstruct the greenhouse this past Saturday.  We still had some preparation to try and have everything go smoothly.  Jeff and I spent a couple hours on Friday morning pounding the posts in.  He did the hard physical work of pounding them in, all I had to do was hold it and trust he wasn’t going to miss the post and swat me with the sledge hammer. 

There was some food preparation put in as well for lunch on Saturday.  I baked a zucchini spice loaf, chocolate zucchini bread and cinnamon buns for Saturday, made some salads (potato and coleslaw with a Napa cabbage), burgers and sausage had already been made.


Saturday morning when our friends, neighbors and CSA members arrived to help we were hoping things would go smoothly.  We got all the bows up in what I thought was record time.  It was under an hour and they were up.  We then continued to get everything else done.  There didn’t seem to be any down time, we all worked hard at things and worked together.  Within 5.5hours the greenhouse was as complete as we could get it.  One end wall left, and the plastic.  We didn’t get both endwalls up, as we wanted to be able to get the tractor in it a couple more times to finish leveling it out, and work the land one more time.


The plastic arrives on Tuesday, and then it is waiting for the first calm day to get it on.  The seeding starts on Monday, and some seedlings are already started.  We are looking forward to getting everything in and get it going for the 2012/2013 winter season.

With the plastic on Tuesday we are also receiving three caterpillar tunnels, which we are planning on using in the shoulder seasons as well.  We will have some rebar to pound in this week.