This past year we were looking for a grain bin for the farm.  We weren’t in the market very long when we found one that would work.  We just needed a small one to start.   The one we came across holds approximately 7.5 tonnes of grain.  It was an adventure getting it home.  We received some looks moving it in the back if the truck.  It was light enough so we decided it might be easiest way to move it. 

Some of the neighbors knew we were getting it, but not sure on the day.  They seen us drive past and knew we had finally found one.  I am sure some of the neighbours wondered what we were up to.  We usually have something on the go, and I don’t think we surprise the neighbours as much as we use to.


We have it in the large barn, we did have our challenges and excitement moving it, and getting it into place.  The next challenge was getting the grain into it.  We purchased 3 tonnes of grain to start. 


We hope to be able to use it for animal feed (specifically pig) during the late spring and summer seasons.

We have it set up to put a pail under it and fill it that way.  It’s an improvement from past years where we just have the feedbags.