Over the weekend we had a Garden clean up day.  It turned into a weekend event.  We had beautiful weather for getting some of the work done.  We invited out CSA members, and others to come and help with the clean up, to help harvest remaining produce, and have some fun.

We got the popcorn, cabbage and gladiolus taken care of on Saturday.    It was a short day since we had deliveries and the Charlottetown pickup earlier in the day.  We kept the corn stalks for decorations, or some of them.  The pigs got the rest. 

On Sunday we focused on brussel sprouts, kohlrabi, eggplants, peppers, and some other things.  It was great seeing the abundance of produce we still had to offer for to the CSA members.  We had already had three heavy frosts, and then a few days with a storm.  The storm consisted of heavy winds, rain (120mm+), snow, hail and cold temperatures.  It did not do any justice for the gardens.  All the vine plants were killed, the last planting of beans which we were hoping we could harvest for the final pickup, peas and lots of other things were killed off.

Monday we continued working away on things.  We started in the greenhouse, and got the eggplant, celery, tomatoes and cucumbers harvested and that area cleaned up.  We were surprised at how muddy it was in there still from the storm.  Even with the sides rolled down and everything covered it was like a mud pit.  It made for some fun while working. 

After the greenhouse was tackled, we headed back to the garden and worked away on broccoli.  We love having families come and help since its usually a new experience for the children.  We had a child come up with the idea that they could help harvest the broccoli.  All the broccoli plants were customers and needed a haircut.  All the florets were the hair that needed cut.  Then it was my job to make sure the customers got out of the store, (pulled out of the ground, and put into the pile).  It was a lot of fun, and everyone that came out seem to enjoy themselves. 

It was a very productive weekend, and the work continues on Tuesday and Wednesday for the final CSA pickup.  The final pickup is at the farm, and all produce that is remaining is free for the taking for CSA members as part of the CSA share.  We look forward to having more days where members can come out and get involved.