What a busy two weeks....

Olivia had been away in Ontario to attend a family wedding and visit with family.  She also went to summer camp for a week when she was there. 

Jeff’s parents brought her back on their yearly visit to see us.  They also brought Jeff’s niece Lydia with them.  She is ten.  Lydia stayed at the house during the 10 day visit, and Jeff’s parents stayed in Summerside.

It made for a busy 2 weeks, getting use to having Olivia here, and having an extra child to keep entertained and keep an eye on. 

Jeff was away from late afternoon to late morning each day milking for some friends outside of Charlottetown, and spent the nights there.  I had to pick up the slack from him on top of everything else. 

I also had to make meals for the kids and Jeff’s parents, which kept me busy. 

There were a few perks on having Jeff’s parents stay.  I didn’t have to wash dishes.  The dishwasher needed ran though every day, instead of every third day.  More to cook for.  We made 8 loaves of bread and four dozen muffins prior to their arrival so I wasn’t as busy each day knowing that Jeff was going to be gone. 

I had extra laundry to do, I was trying to stay on top of ours, and Lydia’s.  All I had to do was wash it and hang it and it got folded each day. 

Some extra weeding got done, my wash station is a lot more complete, and the bathroom door now closes and latches.  It is a nice change.

Now we wait for the rain to fall as things get back to normal here.  Jeff’s parents have left, and Jeff is back at the farm full time.  I guess there will be a new normal though, as I am taking back my old job part-time and temporary until they can find someone to fill it.  If I still have it into the winter, I will likely be working full time but hopefully not past March.  There is so much to do then.

We have a couple of projects we are trying to get done still this fall.  One is to move the greenhouse by the bunkhouse up by the other greenhouse.  We have come to the conclusion that it wasn’t a good location.  We have the land worked, and now just need the time and man power to get it moved.  We are also expecting 3 caterpillar tunnels to arrive this month.  It will increase our shoulder season space by 60%.  Jeff will have his hands full.

This past week, we had Sharon come out and volunteer on the farm.  We were going to harvest beans, but ended up weeding them and some other areas instead.  It was great having her join us. 

Tuesday veggie boxes are just about full.  We still have a little more space on Thursdays though.  We have so much coming on,  that we don’t know what I to take anymore.  We don’t want there to be too much waste, but want to keep people happy.  It is a hard balance with setting up market style. 


How the veggies are coming…..

The tomatoes are coming along nicely.  Hopefully we will have an abundance of them soon.  The corn is looking nice from the outside, we will wait a couple more days and see how they are coming.  The heat has been so nice to us this year.  We do have some pale yellow peppers on right now.  If we leave them another 2-3 weeks we should have some red peppers.  The purple peppers are coming along nice.

We are starting into the pole beans, and the second planting of bush beans.  We will have purple beans in the next week or so.

There are lots of eggplants coming along.  They are small.  The potato beetle seems to have gotten some of the plants, but I think we have found most of them and put a stop to them  (out squishing them).

After several weeks of Napa/Chinese cabbage we are through the first planting, it won’t be long though before the next planting is ready.  We should also have green cabbages this week.   Kohlrabi’s were included in the full shares this week, and both should get them next week.  They are coming along nicely.    

Zucchini’s are on in full.  Its time to start freezing them, shred them, or slice them if you have extra.  Feel free to ask, or send a message to me if you want to know more on that.


Well there is still lots to do that should keep us busy over the next couple of months.