We have been growing the fingerling potatoes now for two years.  We were not sure what to think when we first decided to grow them to supply to Island Chef’s and Restaurants through Plate It.      Our first year growing them didn’t go over as good as we had thought, so we also included them in veggie boxes.

They have seemed to take off in veggie boxes.  This past year we grew more and supplied them to Arlington Orchard, Riverview Country Market, Plate It (for those restaurants we don’t deliver to ourselves) and then to the restaurants we do sell produce too.

We are often asked what they are like, and what to do with them since they are so small.  We try and give as many ideas as we can and provide recipes.  Here is one we just tried over the weekend.   Just the onions and bacon could be used as a side.  We used our own bacon smoked by Island Taylor Meats.




They are even tasty the next day, for left overs.  It was simple to make.   We did not peel them like it suggests.  Remember a recipe is only a guideline.  We used the Rose Finn fingerlings.  We also have the Russian Bananas and the purple Peruvians.  If you would like to order some (and not as part of veggie boxes) please let us know.  We can do up a custom bag, and varieties for you.