We have been trying to get plastic on the greenhouse near the CSA pickup for a long time.  We have to wait until the wind is next to nothing, or it won’t work.  As most Islanders know those days are few and far between.  We have had some windless days but usually have something else to do.  They usually fall on a harvest day and of course harvest days come first.

Saturday seemed like a great day to try and get the plastic done.  We had already had one end wall done, but had to cut the plastic a few weeks ago when a bad storm was coming through.  It was either cut the plastic or loose the whole wall.  So we cut it.  We were hoping that we could at least get both end walls complete, and take some time on Sunday and hopefully get the main plastic on if things remained calm.

One end wall complete.

With help from a couple of friends, we managed to get the plastic on both end walls, and the main plastic.  Now we just have the finishing touches to do.  What a great feeling it was (and still is) to have the project crossed off the list. 

The one down fall though, is now that it is raining, and the plastic is over the frame we have to get out and water the greenhouse. 

Now we should be able to extend part of the growing season at both ends.  Hopefully even winter production for next winter.

Holding the plastic tight, as it gets attached.  Still not finished.