Well the last posting for the Fast Flavours book was accurate with me saying that not all recipes will turn out like the pictures show.
We forgot to take a picture of the fennel glazed fennel.
Jeff cooked up some fresh pork roast, pork is a hot item lately, and we still do have some for sale if interested.  He cooked up some mashed potatoes and the fennel glazed fennel.  I wasn't sure what I was going to think of it.  
At first I was hesitant with it, but it was amazing.  Lots of sweet flavour, reminded me of maple syrup, just a little different.  It was great, and I went back for seconds.  The sauce didn't thicken though as it should have, but it was still great.
I always like to put sauce of some type on my mash potatoes (but not gravy) so thought I would try the sauce from the fennel.  Olivia also thought it was a great idea and also tried it.  I tasted mine first, and thought the potatoes were better off without it.  I didn't mention that though, until after Olivia tried hers, I didn't want to influence her.  She wasn't too happy that she tried it, and didn't want more.  She ate the rest of her potatoes plain, as did I.
I really enjoyed the fennel glazed fennel, which included my.  Now if we make it again will depend if we still have sambuca in the house.  Like most liqueurs they last a long time in our house, but if we find other things to cook with it, or s sambuca ample it again one night that might be the end of it.  It makes for an expensive but tasty meal.  
I was hoping to put in a little more information about how easy the recipes were to follow etc. but since I haven't been doing the cooking it has been hard.  
Jeff also cooked up some roasted root veggies (beets, parsnips, carrots) and made some homemade biscuits from my favourite recipe, and even put cheddar cheese in all while I was out working in the greenhouses trying to get some work done while I could.  I am trying to get as much done as I possibly can, when I can so these times really come in handy.