Our apologies for the delay in getting the blog updated (excluding yesterday).  Some people (but not all) seem think that as soon as the CSA is done for the season so are we.  But that is far from the truth. 

We have been very busy preparing for next year, including cleaning up from this year.   We have to prepare the greenhouses for seedlings, plant garlic and other crops we can over winter. 

We almost have the main garden ready to get plowed.  We have 6 rows remaining (have pulled 5 rows) of dried beans to pull, carrots to dig, and some broccoli to cut.  Then we should be good. 

Olivia and I (Carey) spent the last two evenings working in the gardens.  Last night was the far garden, we call it on the other side of the creek, since we have a bit f a hike to get to it including over the creek.  We got all the trellises taken down last night.  This evening we got the stakes carried over, and got two rows of beans picked.   We picked two rows of dried beans last night. 

Above:Olivia bringing over the twine from the trellises.
Below: some of the stakes we pulled.

We still have a lot of work.  We have to dig up the artichokes, and the rest of the potatoes still on the far side of the creek.  We have some broccoli coming along nicely, and cabbages (but I don’t think we have enough time for them to mature)

Jeff was in New Brunswick at a greenhouse workshop to learn a little more about growing in greenhouses.  He was gone most of the week.  Last week Jeff and Olivia were in Ontario at a conference.  With other training events going on it can be hard to stay on top of the normal farm chores.   

The last two pigs were picked up on Tuesday evening.  We should have fresh sausage in the next couple of weeks.  We will also be getting some more smoked hams. 

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