It has been a very busy several days as we are trying to catch up with everything. 

overhead irrigation is up in the tunnels

We now have plastic on all three tunnels.  We still have to till two of them and get them planted.  Irrigation is up in them, just needs to be finished hooked up.  There are lots of finishing touches to be done as well to them, but we will work on those throughout the summer.

Our asparagus and strawberry order


Last weekend we had some helpers come to help get caught up with some of the transplanting.  We got over 12,000 plants in the ground.  Almost 6000 of these were strawberries.  We also got some greens, leeks, kale, cabbage and more transplanted out. 

We have all the potatoes that we have in the ground as well.  We are still waiting for some new varieties to arrive.  The seed is coming from Alberta, and it is somewhere between here and there. 

Things are coming along great in the greenhouses.  We pulled 2 beds of spinach this weekend.  We never like to have to pull it, but it was old and we need the space for some of the heat loving plants.  We hope that things continue to come along great in the field, after this little cold spell we are having.

We are looking to get the onions planted in the next day or so and then planting is caught up for a week.  I was out to disc the last half of the main field this weekend.  It was cold.  I was out with hats and mitts on to do it.  The big potato farmers were out in their heated cabs planting, and I felt so small as they drove by.  It isn’t always about size though. 

Bundled up for field work

Jeff spread some more composted manure on the areas that had not been planted yet.  The neighbor brought up a couple of loads for us.  It will go a long way this year.  We will be getting the lime on hopefully in the fall.  It was just a little too wet to get it on this spring.  We have a hard time getting it due to the small amount that we need compared to the larger potato producers.

We hope to get electrical work done over the summer as well to install blower fans into the tunnels.  It is going to cost us more than expected, but in order to make them stronger we are going to have to go ahead with it.

We hope to continue to plug away at everything we are behind in and soon be caught up.  After the winter we had it really has been a tough start to the season with the extra work.  Without the help of friends, family and the community helping in so many ways, than we would not be where we are today.

Well full steam ahead as we continue to work away.  We are looking forward to a little breather in the next couple weeks once the main jobs are crossed off the list. 


nice big heads of lettuce

Beautiful bok choi Cherry tomatoes are coming

Sides go up easily on the tunnels now