It has been a very busy couple weeks here at the farm.

Becky was with us for 3 weeks.  She was great help.  It will be awful quiet without her here to help and chat with. 

We seem to be ahead of where we were last year at this time.  The greenhouses are in transition, which means there may be a few less veggie boxes each week until things in the field are ready to harvest.  There are tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers planted in the greenhouses.  As we continue to plant more things in the greenhouse we will be pulling out some of the plants to make space. 

The edible flowers are coming along nicely.  Olivia has been getting them picked each week for veggie boxes, which can add some nice colour to your salads.

It has been nice doing the veggie boxes up each week and with allowing choice.  We think people are trying some new things.  The past couple of weeks we have had hakurei and summer turnips.  There has been a good selection of things to choose from, from fresh herbs, radishes and an assortment of greens including bok choi.  We have also had an option of eggs or spinach to allow us to take on a couple more boxes, and have that option for those that may not want eggs on a weekly basis.

We are also getting the trellising done this year as we plant.  Last year we waited until after we were done planting and went back which proved to be difficult.  This year we are getting the trellising done as we go.  It is working much better and will be nice not to worry about it.


We are expecting the baby chicks to arrive on Tuesday.  We are working hard to get more space for them for the year.  Olivia will be happy when they arrive.

The pigs have been enjoying the sunshine each day.  They get outside each morning at breakfast and are there until bed.  They are getting about 14 hours a day that they can be out.  During the warmest part of the day they are still found in the cool barn.

Now we are hoping we get some rain soon.  The field is extremely dry.  When planting it is like we are just planting into dust.  We have been out watering lots, and its hard to even tell.   We started to get rain on Tuesday but it quit before you could even see it on the ground.  Wednesday is the next day they are calling for rain and it seems so far off.  Is this a sign of what to expect this summer?  Last summer was cold and wet and we had very few heat loving crops as a result.  We will wait and see what comes of this summer. 

We are excited about this season and what it may bring, the challenges and the bounty.  Now to have patience as we wait for things to grow.

Sorry but I am not good with taking pictures and having the camera on me.  We do have some posted on Facebook.  Hopefully the next blog posting will have some.