Its been a very busy few weeks since the last blog posting.

We had Jeff’s parents and youngest niece here for a week.    He had a nice visit with them during their stay. 

Jeff’s Aunt Judy and Uncle Ron also came for about 5 days.  We had a great visit with them.  We took a day and went up to the Dundas Fair, and watched the Oxen plough.  Uncle Ron even got an opportunity to work with the oxen.  It was a great day off the farm, and a nice little break. 

We took the time to cook some meals with all local ingredients.  It was really nice taking some time to visit.

Jeff and his uncle worked on constructing the shed we have been wanting to get done since last fall.  Now to get the sections moved out and get it completely assembled.  It will become our road side stand for next year.  

Jeff’s parents took Olivia back to Ontario with them.  I headed to Ontario as well for a weekend for my sisters wedding.  Olivia was in the wedding as the flower girl.  I flew out on the Friday and back on the Sunday.  It was a short visit but I was glad to be able to be part of my sister’s special day, and welcome her husband Josh into the family.


We had poor germination for our corn this year.  We planted 3 vaieties, an early, mid and late season to offer corn for several weeks.  Between the dry summer we had and poor germination we were only able to offer corn for 1 week.  We started pulling the stalks this week, and most had very small cobs still on them that just did not mature properly.  Even the stalks were under 6’ feet.  Most were 3-4’ tall.  It was a sad year for corn.


We are growing fingerling potatoes for the Chef’s this year.  They are being sold through Soliel’s Farm.  She sells produce from several farms, and grows herself for the local restaurants.  If you have been eating out at a local restaurant, which supports the local producers there is a good chance that it has come through her.  I believe there are 19 restaurants that she supplies. 

Our eggplant is also custom grown for her.  We grow a small amount for veggie boxes and CSA, and the rest is for the Chef’s. 


We are spending a lot of time right now preparing for winter.  We are getting the tunnels planted with crops for the winter, while trying to keep the heat loving plants going.  It is a juggling act. 


We are also starting to harvest the storage crops.  We have some pumpkins that we have been harvesting for the last several weeks.  We did loose some plants early on so we aren’t sure how many we will have.  We have started to harvest them early so the remaining can mature quicker. 

We have a greenhouse on the way, and are looking for a couple volunteers to help assemble it next weekend.  If you would like to help out for the day please let us know.

With only 4 weeks left for the CSA, we still have a lot to get through.  We have squash, parsnips, cabbage, rutabagas, fennel, raddichio, celery and more we still plan on giving.  We hope everything is ready on time.  We hope the CSA shares have been enjoying trying new things this season.  CSA members have got more onions and cucumbers than we had ever planned.  (and not as much corn).  Each year is different with the CSA, depending what challenges Mother Nature brings us.

Planning for the 2014 season is already under way.  We are cutting out a few things for next year, and planning on growing more of others and possibly some new items.  You will just have to wait until 2014 to see what is all planned. 

Well we still have our work cut out for us.  With shorter days though, we get a bit more of a break.  I have to admit we have been cutting the tops off onions in the evening when we come in.  There isn’t much left though for that.    Its all apart of our farm and we love it.