As I have mentioned a couple times already we have been very busy.  But the end of the extra work is in sight.  Originally we wanted to take some time this spring to paint the barn, but that hasn’t happened, and I don’t think it will this year.

A bit of an update of where things are at so far.

The tunnels are up, and planted.  Not fully planted and not complete but where we need them to be so far.  Things are looking great in them. 

The trenches for water and power were dug, and are almost filled back in.  We still do not have running water (underground) to the tunnels but hopefully we can focus on that next spring.  The wires are run, and need to be hooked up.  We need to have some more electrical work done including outdoor panels put in.  Once again, not complete, but it is coming.  Soon it will be out of our hands and into the hands of the electrician.

The pig fencing is finally complete again.  We had several areas of the fence that were not working so it took a little longer to get the pigs out than we would have normally liked but they are out.  This allowed for some of the pasture area to grow a little more which will allow for more food for them. 

The first couple of nights we put them back in for the night when they are fed and let them back out in the morning.  It doesn’t take long for this to end.  Part of this is for us to earn the trust that the fence is working correctly and they will obey it.  I have spent too much time chasing pigs the first two years that we raised them that we now take the extra precautions.

We started harvesting from the field last week.  It was a small first harvest, but was nice to be able to start the transition.  The harvest this week is much better.  Things in the field are coming along great.  We will be trellising peas within the week.

We still have rebar to pull from the ground from where the tunnels were.  We need to get this done soon as we will be wanting to plant that area.  We are still planting the “field across the creek” though.

So we have had lots happening here and are looking forward to a productive summer.  If some how we manage to get the barn painted this season, it will be a great bonus.  We will continue to take each day as it comes, and that we get rain at least one day a week (we just don’t need it every day).