Wow where has the time gone?

So sorry to be slow at the blog postings.  For some reason I don’t think they will be getting done weekly through the summer even though we would like to.  We will try though.

Since the last one, there has been lots going on.  We will be trying to start the veggie boxes weekly going forward.  We have a bit of a waiting list, and hope to be adding more new people each week to get everyone back on with the fresh local vegetables.

Olivia and I (Carey) went to Ontario over Easter to see family.  It was our first time over Easter, and it had been more than a year since we had got to visit with family.  It was a short but sweet trip.


I brought back some things for the farm, including trays for a vacuum seeder to hopefully speed up the seeding process.  It is a little late, but we will still get some use with it.  We had a friend make them up for us.  He has his own fabrication shop in London.


Two of the trays for the vacuum seeder. 

I also found lots of little things too.  A new rain suit (on sale) for Jeff, and lots of other goodies.

We have started over 70,000 seeds already.   Some are in the house and some are in greenhouse A.  We are trying to call the greenhouses by names that might make sense to everyone, and not just us.  That is easier said then done.


Some tomato seedlings

We welcomed the arrival of the weaner pigs on Friday.  We are raising eight this year.  We are looking forward to it. 


A couple of the new cuties

The greenhouses and tunnels have been keeping us busy.  Plant, harvest, weed, harvest, etc.  Lots happening.  We enjoy it all. 


Mustard greens

I spent the weekend in Toronto with the Canadian Young Farmers Board of Directors.  I sit on the board as the Member at Large.  It has been a great experience thus far, and am confident it will continue to be.  It does take a bit of time, but in the end is well worth it. 

We are looking forward to having a tour from the Culinary Institute this Tuesday too.  

Well back at things.  There is always lots to do.  

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