Today we woke up to a nice layer of snow.  We can still see the grass but the ground is covered.  Heading towards Kensington this morning I noticed that they didn’t have any.  Makes for a little Christmas spirit.

We spent a couple of hours last Friday covering the broccoli for the veggie boxes.  With the sudden cold temperatures we wanted to make sure that it would be protected until veggie boxes.


Here is the beautiful broccoli in mid December.  I enjoyed munching on it all day Tuesday and Wednesday.  It was a great little snack.



The broccoli all covered up and protected from the frost.

We woke up the next morning to see that the strong winds through the night blew some of the row cover off.  We wanted to get it covered back up once it warmed up. 

It was Sunday evening when we had a chance to make it back over.  It was a great evening to go for a little stroll.  The sky was clear, not a cloud in sight.  Lots of beautiful stars.  There was no wind, and no road traffic.  There was the soothing sound of the creek.  Now if it was 25 degrees warmer it would have been perfect. 

The row cover was frozen so we had to leave it there.  We cut some broccoli to enjoy Monday.

The row cover has now been removed, we still hope to have more broccoli to enjoy in the coming weeks.