An attempt to try and do at least one weekly blog posting.

Things are coming along great.  If you haven’t already checked out the pictures on FaceBook there are lots there.  You do not have to have a Facebook account either to check out the farm page.

It has been very dry and hot this far.  We have been out irrigating which is costly and time consuming.  We budget a little each year, but try and limit it as we would prefer to put our time into other things.  Part of this comes with the risk of the CSA.  We can’t protect from the rain and cold (unless in a tunnel) but we can irrigate a little.  We are also limited to the amount we are allowed to irrigate as well.  We spend a lot of extra time watering the greenhouses and tunnels on the hot days too as they dry out very quick with the additional heat.

We are looking forward to the forecast for the upcoming week.  There is rain in it.  With rain though, it means no harvesting of beans.  Lets hope it is dry enough to get them harvested. 

We think we will start digging potatoes after the rain.  We just need them to plump up a little more.

We are on our second planting of snow peas, first of snap peas and the third of sugar snap peas are coming on.

The first planting of broccoli was pretty small heads.  The rain should help with that and we are starting to harvest from the second planting.


The raspberries are coming along great.  We will get a small harvest from them but not many for there first year.  Hopefully enough for veggie boxes for next year.

peach, more each year.

The fruit trees are coming along ok.  We might have lost one or two, but we hope not.  They have been getting extra water, and the waste water from washing the produce.  We try not to waste around here.

We are working on extending the field we made last year.  We are extending it by 130 feet making it 450 feet long.