Another CSA pickup under our belts.  Tuesday was a busy day.  It started with getting up early and starting to harvest, quickly before the rain came at noon.  We rushed around all morning.   We could feel the temperature dropping as we worked.  We harvested the minimum of what we thought we would need to make sure we had everything for pickup and veggie boxes.

I had ran up to the greenhouse, and Jeff was in the field harvesting some more snap peas and it started to pour.  I wasn’t sure if he would continue to harvest or not, but it wasn’t long and he joined me in the bunkhouse/CSA pickup area soaking wet.  During that time I had also moved into the other greenhouse to start harvesting strawberries for veggie boxes. 

The rain was coming down hard, and we weren’t complaining.  It was great seeing it, and feeling it after all these hot and dry days.  Hopefully things take off in the gardens now with a few warm and sun shinning days. 


We are happy to have Purplette onions.  They are a fresh onion.  We think they look amazing. 

Broccoli is just starting to come on, and so are the beans. 

Here is this weeks full share.



Now we hope for the zucchini and summer squash to come on next.  It will be great adding a few more veggies to the growing list.

There are chocolate cherry tomatoes starting to turn in the field.  That means that the rest wont be far behind.  We spent part of Monday trellising them. 

We were originally planning on getting some transplanting done on Wednesday, but will have to wait and see.  If we get a lot of rain, we might have to hold off for a day or two while it dries up.  We will get it done in the next couple of days.

Olivia has been visiting family in Ontario for the past week and a half.  She has been missed around the farm.  She helps with lots of little jobs (feeding the dog, the calves, collecting eggs, making sure we get water etc.).  We can’t wait to have her smiley face, with her eager attitude back at the farm.  It has been a nice little holiday, not having to worry about meal times but it will be nice to be back to routine as well.

After CSA pickup we went to a social event for other Young and Future farmers from across PEI.  It is always great catching up with other farmers to see how things are going in the different commodities, to network and share ideas.