We were given the opportunity to have a display of fresh produce at the Crapaud Exhibition this year.  We weren’t sure what to do for it as we knew we had big shoes to fill from previous years.  We weren’t even sure if we would have enough produce for how we wanted to put the display together.

After some planning, with some creativity, hard work and dedication we managed to get a display together.  We were not going to have anyone “man” the booth either as we also had the Marco Polo veggie boxes, and the Saturday CSA. 

We worked a very late night on Friday as we prepared for the veggie boxes and the exhibition.  It reminded us of those good old market days from our first year.  Work hard all day, stay up late, get up early and be busy all day. 

That is what the day was, coming in for supper at 10pm, up at 5am to finish the little touches, and load the truck.  We headed down to set up for 6:30, since Jeff had to be up to Marco Polo and set up for 8. 

We got set up, and then I had a lot of time to kill while others came.  I helped others set up their booths and got a chance to walk around and see some of the other booth.It was a great day, I got some samples from Savor the Flavor, and a piece of blueberry pie and ice cream from the blueberry pie contest.  The day went fairly fast overall.  The directors of the Exhibition were a great help with helping me clean up.  We will be going back to do it again next year, and are already talking and planning changes to the display. 

Jeff survived Marco Polo and the CSA on his own (which is good since I have to do it myself this weekend).  He is helping out a friend with some milking this weekend, while they are gone to a family members wedding.