Do you ever feel like you are going in circles?

That seems to be the feeling most days around here.  Go out to the barn, feed the chickens, down to the other barn to feed the calves and pigs and back up.  Not quiet a circle but close. 

Once the sun comes up its back to more circles.  Out to the first greenhouse and uncover the seedlings, then to the “main” one to crack the door.  Then back to the house.  Oops we forgot to collect eggs, back out to collect eggs, in to wash them. 

As the sun gets warmer and stronger, especially on the clear days we are out to the greenhouses even more.  We are out to the first two again to crack things, then eggs again and then to the “small” greenhouse.  Down to the “far” greenhouse and back again. 

We have thermometers in each greenhouse to monitor the temperature.  We want to keep each one at a different temperature depending what is growing in it.  Is it a heat loving crop?  Or a cold crop?  Somewhere in between?  Just like us each plant is different so we try and keep the like plants together to make it easier.

 Throughout the day we can be out to open each one up a little more up to 8 times a day.  Then the sun starts going down so we start slowly closing them.  Or it goes behind a cloud and the temperature can drop 5 degrees in a matter of minutes.  We want to close the greenhouses early enough each day as well to keep as much as the warm air as possible in.  Once the nice weather comes and stays it will be easier.    Open the greenhouses in the morning and close them at night.  If it is real cool but strong sun it’s a different story.

The winds also determine how many circles we walk in each day, if they pick up and are too strong we need to get out and close things up.

Oh, and don’t forget the watering.  Sometimes its just once a day things need watered but that depends on temperature and sunshine as well. 

Between walking circles  I always seem to be able to get lots accomplished, but it doesn’t always feel like that. 

We got another couple thousand seeds started yesterday with the help of Olivia.  She is so eager to learn how things grown.  It is surprising that at such a young age she is able to identify her plants and herbs.  She potted up some of the eggplant on Monday from small cells into large cells so they can continue to grow.  She also helped plant some of the seeds.  We also did some transplanting into the greenhouse for some early veggie box produce.

We have moved the seeding supplies out into the “new” greenhouse.  It sure keeps the house a lot cleaner and has freed up the kitchen table once again. 

Now for the snow to melt, lime to arrive and get spread and we are hopefully ready to start into the field.