We have been really busy lately with everything.  It seems like the garden is finally where we would have liked it about a month ago.  Peas, beans, broccoli and lots of other veggies are finally ready.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate with us for the remaining of the season.

We got over 8 rows of beans weeded yesterday, and discovered that one of our later planting of peas are ready as well.  Yesterday afternoon (Sunday) was a very productive day.  We got some transplants out, and had a chance to do some preparation for direct seeding today.  Hopefully we are able to get a lot planted out today.  We will still be doing transplants and direct seeding for about the next month and then start switching over to getting the greenhouses planted (and assembly complete on some of them)

We have Sarah staying with us for the next two weeks.  She is joining us from Ontario through Junior Farmers.  We have been discussing some of the difference between Young Farmers and Junior Farmers, and different farming techniques.  Sarah is a pleasure to have.  If you are stopping by for Farm pickup, feel free to say “hi” if you see her.

We still need to find a bit of time to get the roof complete before winter.  It seems when we have a few minutes to spare it is too windy to try and move the sheets of steel around.  We are battling the wind for getting plastic on the greenhouse as well. 

Now to get back at it and stay productive.