We made it through hurricane season without any worries.  Does that mean that this winter is going to be windy?   

I sure hope not.  We do not like the wind.  Anything 80km/hr and over I could live without.  Not only can we not sleep at night, the house isn’t insulated very well and the sound is so loud and annoying.   The high winds also come with a lot of stress.  With having the greenhouses, and having them made from plastic (covering it). it is always stressful. 

The first year we had the first greenhouse we lost so much sleep from the high winds, and almost lost the greenhouse.  We did have to replace the plastic after the first winter.  For the first greenhouse we did only use 1 sheet of plastic.  When we put it on I was on crutches and the only help we were able to get was ourselves, including Olivia.  It wasn’t the greatest situation to start.  We were growing through the first winter to start selling at the farmers market early spring 2011.    When we did have produce to sell at the Charlottetown Farmers market we still had to be outside.  The space we were told we could use inside had been taken by another new producer.    This didn’t slow us down though from putting up the next greenhouse.

We replaced the plastic on the greenhouse that spring, and got the next greenhouse up.  This time we used two layers of plastic.  Referred to as double poly.  We have 2 layers of plastic, with a blower fan to inflate it like a big pillow.  This helps to make it so the wind can bounce off of it.  It does reduce the amount of light that goes through, but also adds a layer of insulation for the cool nights.  This has made high winds much more tolerable. 


We now have 4 greenhouses up that are double poly.  They are all used for winter production and as hot houses in the summer.   We also have 3 caterpillar tunnels that are only single layer of plastic.  These come with more of a challenge for growing through the cold months and storms.


We started constructing a new greenhouse for seedlings in the spring.  The plastic and blower fan are ordered up and ready to be shipped.  The storm on Dec 4th has set us back a little.  Not only did it undo all of our hard work, it took a little spirit from me as well.  We will be getting right back at things though, and trying to get the greenhouse rebuilt. 


Some of it is salvageable, and some not.  Below are some pictures of what we have left.  (coming soon)

Only the bolts bent - in most places

this piece didn't make it.

This bow is from the end wall.  half of it didn't make it.  The pieces connect together which should be the centre.  

In the end bolts are cheap, and for the most part that is where the damage was, since we didn’t have everything tightened.  If it was tightened we might not be able to salvage any of it.

You can here the story Friday morning on CBC Island Morning.  We will post the link here once it is available.