As a child I had always wanted to travel to P.E.I. People would tell me that the island is a completely different world compared to where I live, in Ontario. Although it’s only a few provinces away, the pictures and all the hype seemed to intrigue me. So, last September I decided to contact the Olde Mackenzie Farm, as I thought to myself, what better way to experience P.E.I than to actually live on a farm and see what it’s like. A little bit about me: I really have no background in farming, except for visiting my grandparents farm. I come from a small city in Ontario (Owen Sound) and am entering my third year at the University of Ottawa studying Psychology/ Criminology in the fall ... Regardless of where my career path takes me, what I have learned here will be invaluable. 
So I booked my flight and here i am in PEI - What a beautiful province . I have met so many wonderful people and seen so many wonderful things. My experience at the Olde Mackenzie Farm has been amazing. I am learning something new everyday...and getting up early has been ok too! I look at each day as a a new adventure whether it be planting, harvesting or hanging out with the pigs (however my most favourite part of the morning is the coffee). When I decided to come to the island for the month of May, I never thought that I would have 
experienced the types of things that I have been. This opportunity has truly opened my eyes to many different aspects such as where my food actually comes from, the growing process, and how important it is to eat fresh, locally, and naturally grown produce. The answers seem simple, yet are actually very complex, especially to a person who has not grown up in this environment. It seems to be every day I am left wondering to myself simple things I never thought about before: Why do I buy white eggs and not brown? Potatoes are actually grown from potatoes? What the heck is Arugala? Mizuna? temperature regulation of the greenhouses?..collecting eggs from the chickens..watching the little piggies play in the sun.. taking in a beautiful sunset at night..going on adventures for row cover... It’s about enjoying the simple things in life-wow- I can also honestly say that I have a new appreciation for vegetables- it has been a lifestyle change- one of those things you just need to experience for yourself to fully understand. The next time I decide to go buy a head of lettuce at the market, I will understand the long process that a farmer must undergo in order for that lettuce to be harvested. It doesn’t all just happen overnight. It can’t just happen any time of the year. The next time I eat a strawberry, I will think about all those workers uncovering the straw from the previous winter so that the strawberries can be harvested. That’s a tough job! 
Thank you to Carey, Jeff and Olivia. What a wonderful family and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you and being part of your family for a month. I have never met anyone who took so much pride in their business and it is truly remarkable that you have created such an accomplishment in only a few years. I can’t believe my time here is almost up. I will soon be back to reality, but would love to be given the opportunity to come back to help out in the future.