Bacon candy pg 10, Chef Michael Smith, Fast Flavours


We have been a little slow getting some new posts up.  Things have been busy.  We will try and get some extra up in the next couple weeks.  

We love our bacon!  We have Island Taylor meats do the smoking of our bacon and ham, so you take the delicious free-range heritage pork and add some amazing smoking and you just get amazing meat.  So we thought we would try this interesting sounding recipe with the bacon. Candy bacon, who would have thought.


We had to make it twice, the first time we over cooked it.  Be careful, the “candy” crisps up quick.  It is sticky too.  Do not use paper towels to get the extra grease off.  You just end up with a big mess. 

The second time, we perfected it, well we did and we didn’t.  We pulled a couple pieces off the cookie sheet at a time, and then stuck it back in and kept doing it until we were happy with all of it.


It says to use parchment paper, or a nonstick pan.  Even if using a nonstick pan I would still suggest the paper.  It will make cleaning up so much easier.  Also make sure to pull the paper off while it is still warm, to make clean up quicker.

We served it at a meeting we had with other farmers where we share ideas.  Some of them were vegetarian so it didn’t go over as well as we had hoped for.  Maybe next time.  We still like it for leftovers.  Bacon goes over good any time here.