The autumn is a real busy time at the farm.  There is the harvesting for the CSA and veggies boxes, field clean up and preparing for next year, transitioning of the greenhouses and new this year tending to the tunnels.   We have been enjoying shorter working days, it has been nice sleeping until about 6:30, instead of the 5:30 summer time.  We have been quitting at supper time each night as well, instead of working until 9 or 10 when it gets dark.  The shorter days are great.

We had some CSA members come out over the Thanksgiving weekend and help with some gleaning.  We had a bountiful pickup for CSA members on Thanksgiving Monday, which included lots and lots of tomatoes, big, small, red and green.   There were also pumpkins (pie and Jack O’lanterns), squash, carrots, potatoes, parsnips, radishes, spinach, arugula, celery, brussel sprouts, fennels, field cucumbers,  cabbages, kohlrabi, zucchini, beets, peppers summer savory, and more.  It was great to get through as much as we did. 

There is still lots to get through.  We have over 5 rows of carrots to still dig, and lots of potatoes, parsnips, and leeks to dig, beets to pull, broccoli is still coming, and lots of cabbage.  We plant extra storage items for the winter veggie boxes.  Last year the winter veggie boxes had tomatoes, cucumber and broccoli in them still at Christmas.  We are hoping with the greenhouses we can keep the tomatoes and cucumbers that long.  We will wait and see what the weather brings.

The tunnels are growing well.  We have peas, beans, radishes, beets, arugula, mizuna, green onions, tatsoi, chard, spinach and more in them for the winter veggie boxes.  We are looking forward to providing fresh produce all winter long for the second season.

Today we got over 1600 cloves of garlic planted out for next year.  We still have some to plant.  It is a little windy to get it mulched though.  With having bridge restrictions in effect we know it isn’t just windy at our place for once.

CSA memberships are already coming in for the 2013 season.  We have already started the planning.  I think the planning really starts as we start planting for the 2012 season, and continues on.  We have a list of changes that we continue to add to throughout the season. 

We will have fresh pork in the next week.  Last of the season.  We loaded up the pigs on Tuesday morning.  Now I don’t have a quick way to compost everything.  We are dividing out what we can between the chickens and the cows and leaving the rest in a pile for next year.  The chickens and cows will eat well all winter with scraps from the veggie boxes.

We have some projects to work on around the farm between now and May when we get really busy.  We are working to improve the buildings and land.  When we purchased the farm things were fairly run down so we aren’t going to be bored.  One big project will be making the chicken coop a lot larger (more than doubling it) for next spring so we can have more hens.