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Another Storm

Posted by Carey Wood on Sunday, February 24, 2013,

Ever feel like you went to a lot of trouble for nothing?  Cleaned the house for company, and then it storms so they cancel, make a nice meal for plans to change?  Or type a blog posting and forget to post it to the web?

Well that’s how it seemed during the last storm. 

We had the high winds and the call for lots of snow.  We were concerned about the tunnels again, they are not meant to take a snow load, but we are testing them.  We were told the wind would be fine, as long as the ropes...

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High Winds in January Part #2

Posted by Carey Wood on Tuesday, February 5, 2013,

Part 2

Tunnel #1  was nothing more than we noticed the night before.  The bows out of place.  We were missing some end plates for the bows that had moved.  The rope was also broke in several places too. We did what we could, and left if.  The winds were still to high. 

We checked the weather, and wanted to get everything together before the snow came, or we knew it would be a lot more difficult to do if we had to dig through the snow to put them together.  The winds were not in our favour...

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High Winds in January Part #1

Posted by Carey Wood on Monday, February 4, 2013,

Part #1

On Thursday we headed to town to drop off some vegetables to Terrre Rouge and some eggs to customers in Cornwall.  The winds were high so we took some time to make sure the tunnels were going to be fine.

Tunnel # 1 seemed to be fine,  all the topes in place and tight.  Tunnel #2 needed the ropes put on over the last bow (again).  We had tied the ropes off at the second bow on all the tunnels since we have had some trouble.  We got them put back on, and went to tunnel #3.  We have ...

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