It has been a couple week since our last blog update.  We have been very busy preparing for the upcoming season.  Here is a brief update of what we have been up to.

We have started some of the transplanting into the field, but don’t want to go any further until we get the lime spread.   We tried getting some in the fall so we wouldn’t be held up this spring but we were unable to, now we are waiting.  It should be soon.   When I was speaking with the company yesterday they said hopefully by the end of the week, weather permitting.  After today I wonder though, if it won’t be too wet. 

We have started several new trays.  There were over 40 new trays seeded since Sunday.  Some have 72 seeds in them, and others have 288, and any point in between.  It all depends on what we are growing.

We have also been busy potting up some of the tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and artichokes into bigger pots.  We start them in small cells to save space, and to see what the germination will be.  Once they grow, and need more space and more nutrients we move them into bigger pots where they will likely stay until we transplant them.

We have also planted out some dahlia and gladiolus bulbs out.  They are at the end of the greenhouse, just off the driveway.  There are also tulip bulbs planted in the same area. 

The pigs have been outside.  Jeff spent some time and got the fence all working and had them out.  In another week or so they will have access to outside all the time.  It takes a little bit of adjusting for them.  For now they have the option to be out through the day.  We will be getting  several more areas prepared for them in the weeks to come so we can rotate them around.  Hopefully tomorrow, if not Thursday we get the forge turnips planted for them so in a couple months they can be back to where they ended off last year and have an abundance of forging to be found. 

The calves are coming along nicely.  Jack has caught up to Timber for height.  Jack and I walk to the end of the drive way most days while we wait for the school bus.  Jack is doing well with his commands.  Timber is a little bit younger, and is coming along nicely.  I think he might be a little more stubborn.  It is a reward spending time with them each day.  They both have their own personalities.  It is great being greeted every time I walk into the barn.  Jack is the first to greet me with a big “Moo”, and once I respond Timber also welcomes me into the barn.    I look forward to my time with them.

We did Cornwall veggie boxes last week, and we are doing them again this week.  I am not sure if we are weekly yet or not.  Another week or so and I can confirm that for sure.

Well I should be getting ready to call it a night, as there is lots to do again tomorrow.