A little more on what has all happened over the past two months.

As many of you know we supple several restaurants.  We supply some restaurants directly, and some indirectly through a company called Plate It.  Plate It is mostly known as “Soleil”, as she originally started supplying restaurants several years ago.  Now she works with  other farmers (as well as grows some produce herself) and operates the delivery company year round.  We supply Soleil with fingerling potatoes and highbush blueberries.  In the past we have also supplied eggplant but with the loss of the tunnels in the spring we did not have the crop we needed or wanted.

Some of the restaurants we supply directly  include (not listed in any order) Daniel Brennan Brickhouse, Gahan Pub, Shaw’s Hotel, Inn at Bay Fortune, Pilot House, Culinary Institute. 


We have really enjoyed working with the Chef’s and Restaurants again this season, we will continue to work with them through the main season. 


This past year we also started supplying some stores as well.  We supply Riverview Country Market with fingerling potatoes and also with blueberries.  We have also been supplying Arlington Orchards stand in Charlottetown with fingerling potatoes, leeks, and squash.  Some of the other stores we started to supply this year with blueberries include Harvey’s in Crapaud, Clows Red and White, and the Bedeque Village Store.  Its been interesting as we start expanding into these stores.  We are looking forward to continuing on with it again next year, as we continue to have more requests.


The finalists for the Roving Feast

The Roving Feast is an event held as part of Fall Flavours each year.  We attended last year to check it out.  This year we were invited as guests.  There were several Island restaurants that promote local produce that get nominated for the “Taste Our Island Award” each year.  Several (if not all) of the restaurants we supply got  nominated, and eight of them make it to the finals.   We were asked by Inn at Bay Fortune to come and be their supplier they were featuring.  It was a lot of fun being there, helping to plate the dishes and chatting with people.  Chef Dana Wood (no relation to us) was the Chef this year.  We had a lot of fun working with him and his team.  It was a great event and evening and we look forward to going back again next year.

A couple of Olivia's squash and her pumpkin.

Olivia attempted to grow large pumpkins and squash this year.  The pumpkins were not a success.  Our pumpkins we grew for jack o lanterns were larger than the giant pumpkin.  The squash on the other hand did well.  Below is a picture of the smaller ones.  The largest one is not pictured in it.  She will try again next year .


One of the corn gleaners.

We had the PEI food Exchange come out and glean some of the corn we had.  It was a fun afternoon.  In exchange for some of the corn they were to cut the stalks on the bottom part of the field.  We donated 12 bags of corn to the gleaners, and Salvation Army Food bank in exchange for about an 1/8 of the stalks cut.  All the corn and stalks are now down.

This tear is form last year, and needed repaired again.  Reminders of how tough last winter was.

We have been busy working away on lots of projects here.  Getting the greenhouses converted to winter crops, preparing for the winter, greenhouse repairs and the list goes on and on. 

Hopefully through the winter months we can keep you a little more up to date on what has happened on the farm.  We also hope to get more recipes posted through the winter months.  Feel free to submit them, and we will try and get them added.  You can also post them directly to our Facebook page.