Ever feel like you went to a lot of trouble for nothing?  Cleaned the house for company, and then it storms so they cancel, make a nice meal for plans to change?  Or type a blog posting and forget to post it to the web?

Well that’s how it seemed during the last storm. 

We had the high winds and the call for lots of snow.  We were concerned about the tunnels again, they are not meant to take a snow load, but we are testing them.  We were told the wind would be fine, as long as the ropes are tight. 

The wind isn’t suppose to break the ropes, lessoned learned on tunnel #1.  After the efforts of getting them back up we really hoped they would stay up. 

During the storm we kept checking on them, and on the greenhouses, looking out the upstairs window,  1,2,3.  Excellent. 

I was already having a bad day, on the Friday evening when we came home from spending the day at a workshop with other young farmers from the Maritimes. Timber wasn’t feeling well.   He did not eat his breakfast, and didn’t welcome me with a nice big “moo” the way he always did.  He didn’t come to say hi.   I climbed in with him and got him to eat and drink, he tried to get up, but couldn’t.  I got in touch with some other farmers to see what we should do.  With it starting to storm we ended up doing nothing and apparently that wasn’t right.  Jeff got up Saturday morning and went down to check on him and we had lost him through the night.   I was a little surprised because he did eat and drink.  He seemed to have perked back up.    It was not a good way to start the stormy day.


an older picture of Timber, but the most recent we have

Every time Jeff went out to collect eggs or to feed Jack and check on him it was 1,2,3.  Excellent. 

With loosing Timber we were really keeping an eye on Jack.  And still are. 

Tunnel count, 1,2,3, excellent.

Mid day Jeff came in and said, we lost tunnel 3.  What?  Not again, they were nice and secure.  But the winds were too strong and it tore the plastic in two, right at the end.  The plastic was flying, and several bows were down.    Jeff tried to get the plastic on the ground, so it wasn’t blowing and hopefully so it wouldn’t do more damage.  The winds were way too high to do anything though, so we had to leave it.


I looked out the window to do my count, 1,2, and what caught my eye…..a piece of steel loose on the barn roof.  Oh no, if it comes all the way off then that could possibly be another tunnel, it would just shred the plastic.    Things come in threes right? 

I was afraid to go to bed, and also afraid to get up.  What else could go wrong through the night, what did we miss. 

On Monday the calm after the storm was amazing.  It was such a beautiful day.  We were going to go to a meeting with some other small-scale farmers to discuss insects, and soil tests.  But we had to cancel, we had other things to do.


We got the driveway cleaned up, and had to take care of Timber.  It was not a nice way to start the day.  Our neighbor Wade was great help.  Two things done, lots more to go.  Now the barn roof.  Jeff was up on the barn  and got that finished, or what he could until he ran out of screws.  I think I was more nervous with him being up there then he was. 

We tidied up the bows from the tunnel, got them moved into the bunkhouse.  Or at least the ones we could.  Some will be waiting until spring.

We continued to work away on everything all day.  Exhausted and ready for a break, bring on supper. Just another day and weekend here on the farm.