We took the past week off from veggie boxes.  It was a nice break from routine.  The Tuesday fell on Remembrance Day, and the Thursday we decided to cancel when the Atlantic Canada Organic Regional Network was holding their annual conference.  We do try and get out to attend it but it isn’t always possible.

Some of the garlic we planted this year

On the Monday and Tuesday we focused on getting harvest complete, and tulips and garlic planted for the spring.  We worked away a lot on preparing the farm for the winter.    We managed to get all the carrots out.  We still have some parsnips and leeks to harvest, but for the most part we over winter a good portion of the parsnips for early spring.  We still have some greenhouse work to do, but that continues on year round.    We will be focusing on weeding the greenhouses in the upcoming weeks. 

We did still do our regular Chef orders and deliveries on Wednesday before we headed off.

Every now and again we do get off Island 

The conference this year was in Halifax.  We haven’t been to Halifax in several years now, since the last time the conference and the annual Canadian Young Farmers Forum (CYFF) AGM was there. 

While at the conference some of the sessions we sat in on include: Season Extension in Organic Strawberry production, New Biofungicides for Apple, Strawberry and grape, Haskap, Sour Cherry, and more.  As we continue to expand into some of the fruits we have lots more to learn. 

While away we got to do a lot of networking with others from the farming community. 

Each year there is a trade show, which is filled with lots of valuable information.  We find out about new seeds, talk with the seed companies and really plan for the upcoming season.  I think if we continue at our pace we may have our full seed order placed prior to the holiday season this year.

A taste of the Island in Halifax.

During our stay in Halifax we enjoyed a meal at the Gahan Halifax.  It was just a stone throw away from the Marriot where the conference was held.  It was great to connect with Chef Dwayne again since he moved down.  They are serving lots of PEI goodies at the Gahan. 

Gahan Halifax

We wanted to take Olivia out to learn a little about history, and go to Pier 21,but it is currently closed for renovations until May.  We did lots of explaining and about the Halifax Explosion to her.  It was a great learning time for her too.