We have been loving this spring weather.  It is a great change.

We have been keeping really busy with trying to stay caught up.  We are doing our best to get as much done, so when the plastic and parts arrive for the rebuild of the tunnels we can focus on that and not worry about falling behind in other areas.

A few of the bowes from the tunnels.  The ones we can reuse

Some of our spring projects we are working towards include:  preparing for the pigs (done), seeding – this needs done weekly, re-plastic the older small greenhouse, constructing the roadside stand (in progress), and hopefully paint the barn.    We have strawberry plants and asparagus arriving in the next couple of weeks. 

The orchard trees are pruned. 

ropes cleaned up from the tunnels

We seem to be able to tackle the projects and are happy with where we are at for staying on track.  We will know for sure once the rebuild is done, and the plastic is on the tunnels.  We will be focusing on planting the tunnels as quick as we can as well.  We hope that we do not fall any further behind.  We are currently about three weeks behind, as are most growers.

A sliding door put on the new greenhouse

We are looking forward to the arrival of the Berkshire wiener pigs this week.  The pigs we had last season were fairly destructive so Jeff had to rebuild part of the end wall of the one barn, which had completely been taken down by the pigs.