Friday was a great day to be a pig at the farm.  The pigs received two full pickup truck loads of scraps.  We have started to clean up the gardens and the pigs are really enjoying it.  They received a lot of corn stalks (a racoon got the very small corn).  They also got some radishes, kohlrabi, and many other vegetables. 

Over the next few weeks as we continue to clean up the gardens the pigs will be enjoying more feasts.  They have enjoyed the weeds and scraps all summer.  As soon as we start walking towards them they come running up to the fence to see what we may have for them.  They got a truck full about once a week throughout the summer as well and they also learned to come see what we were bringing when the truck came down.

The pigs seem to really enjoy being able to be outside.  Some days they like to soak up the sun, and other days they play out in the rain.  The pigs have created a little area where the water would collect for playing in the mud as well.  They seem to love the attention and interaction.