From the beginning of May to the end of October we have a hard time leaving the farm for the day.  Between keeping things watered, projects that need done, and not knowing if the greenhouses should be opened or closed in the early and late months it is hard to find a full day to leave the farm.

This year Olivia has soccer on Wednesday evenings, which is a nice break for myself (Carey) for the evening.  But other than that it is hard to go to the beach for a day, or other events.

When we heard about the Tall Ship Festival, and knew it was going to happen before the CSA started we thought we would make our best effort to take Olivia.  Kind of like a final weekend day off the farm before the summer starts. 

We had planned for it for a few weeks, wanting to make sure that if we did head off for the day it wouldn’t set us behind at all.  We quit for supper on Friday evening at 8:30, and planned to work the Sunday for part of the day to make up for it. 

Most of our summer days are long, with Jeff out feeding the animals by 7am, we take a short lunch which we spend doing house work, and work until we are ready for a late supper.  We don’t mind the long days, but sometimes wonder if others realize how long they are.  We look forward to veggie box and CSA pickup times as it is a break.  After pickups we can head home for supper. 

So before we could head out we still had to wait until animals were feed, had water and we collected some eggs.  We packed a picnic lunch and then we were off.

Across the bridge to the Information Center.  With originally being from Ontario, and having the farm we have never taken the time to explore New Brunswick like we would like to.   We stopped in and got some information on what else there was to do.

We headed up to Marimichi for the festival.  Spent the day there, and enjoyed exploring the Tall Ships.  Our favorite was the Peacemaker.  We stood in line at the Summerside vessel , a Navy vessel for over an hour.  It didn’t seem to be worth the wait.  They do tours in small groups but only showed you the main deck, and the Navigation room.  It was a little disappointing.  By then we were ready to head home.


We took the scenic route home, following the Coastal drive to Shediac.  We saw a moose, and enjoyed the drive.  We stopped in Shediac to see the World’s Largest Lobster, and for supper.    Then headed straight home after that.  It had started to rain pretty heavy and we were all getting tired. 


Once home, we had to feed the animals and unpack the cooler.  Olivia fell asleep on the way home, so straight to bed for her. 

It was a great day off the farm, and worth all the hard work we put into it prior.  Now for the upcoming season.

We hope to have a few more trips off the farm in the next couple of years, we would all like to visit the Fortress of Louisboug and thought this would be a great year, with it being the 300th Anniversary but that is a full weekend trip so I don’t think we would be able to do it.  They don’t open early enough in the year, and close too early in the fall to make it possible.  The tourist attractions have the same season as we do.  Hopefully we can make it all happen though.

Magic Mountain and the Magnetic Hill Zoo are also on Olivia’s list of places to go.

With some guests coming this year, and each year Olivia gets the chance to go to Cow’s, Avonlea and maybe even Shinning Waters.