Here I am sitting in an office chair (on Monday) dreaming of being outside in the mud.  Jeff sent me a picture of sweet potatoes that he just dug.  We grew them as a bit of an experiment.  He only dug a couple to see how they were.  They need to be out before the frost really hits, so hopefully this week he can get them out.


But its a nice day, and I think of all the digging that needs to be done.  Potatoes, carrots, parsnips and so on.  The fun we have in the field together is being put on hold for a little bit while I help out back in the office until the end of January.  I am looking out at the sun shining though the clouds.  Jeff is at home in the rain.  Such a difference from the farm in Rose Valley to Charlottetown. 

 These pictures were taken moments apart, from different cell phones. Carey's office picture, and Jeff's farm pictureOh how I miss the farm work, and the joy it brought to me each day.  The peace and quiet of the farm, yet the hectic work schedule that just seemed to fit my personality.  And to start each day with a shower, instead of ending it after  a hard days work, it is weird the things I miss.


I look back and think of some of the things Jeff missed as he was picking up odd jobs, like the pigs getting out.  The pigs only got out when I was home by myself (or with just Olivia).  Trying to get them all back into the barn, the frustration at the time and looking back some of the fun I had over the summer.  Working in the mud, and having my rain gear completely covered.  Even over this past weekend, working in the greenhouse picking tomatoes listening to the rain. It sounded like it was coming down good, but the peace that goes with it after the dry summer.


I can’t wait for February when I can start to get into things full time again, and it isn’t just evenings and weekends.  We know it is meant to be when its all I can think about and want to do.  I wish I could say there wouldn’t be any more office time after this but the farm has administration work that still needs to be done, so unfortunately there will always be office time, just hopefully more enjoyable time.