4 Speed Beef Stew pg 75 of Michael Smith's Fast Flavours

The 4-Speed beef stew had 4 different ways/times to cook it.  There was a 30 minutes, 60 minute, 45 minute and the all day.  We choose the all day method.  There is nothing like getting supper on in the slow cooker when it is still cool and dark in the morning, and know you can work right up until dark again and supper is ready.

We had everything for this recipe but the celery.  If we had of made it a month earlier we would have had everything we needed to make it.  It makes for an inexpensive meal yet nutritious and delicious meal.  We did not use stewing beef either, but took steak and cut it into cubes.  It works the same.

The pictures do not have peas and corn in them, we forgot to add them, and then forgot to take the pictures afterwards.  The leftovers will have lots in.  We love having extra from meals for leftovers.  It makes the busy days go a little bit better.


It is a lot better than the beef stew I have had other places, and I think standards keep getting higher.  I once had a beef stew that wasn’t stew at all.  I was all excited about having beef stew for lunch that day and then found out it was more of a chunky vegetable in beef broth.  Since then good beef stew has always been that much more appreciated.


One of the things you can do with your extra veggies throughout the year is freeze them so that when you are ready to use them in the winter you have them.  A little bit of hard work goes a long way.  It is one thing we have always tried to live by.  With the CSA, we offer pick your own, when we move from one planting to the next, it allowed CSA customers the option to come and pick some extra produce (usually peas and beans) than can then be canned or froze for the future.  Not many take advantage of it, but it is a freebie and a benefit.