A quick glimpse at the past year.

Well 2014 sure wasn’t easy on us.  We got through it and are continuing on.

It started with the extended cold we had in January and February.  We lost everything at least once.  It was a tough start to the new year.    January we spent endless (but fun) hours digging out from all the snow. 


Olivia having fun in the snow.

Lots of snow on the tunnels and they still hold up. 

February was still lots of snow, Culinary Institute of Canada tours of the farm, seed orders arriving and lots of planning for the upcoming season.  It’s a great time of year as we take a bit of a break.  February we also hit 10 hours of day light and the plants really take off.    Carey also attends the annual Canadian Young farmers Forum for training.  It’s a few days packed with Leadership and Management training. 


First year Culinary Students learning where food comes from.

In March White Juan 2 or Juan Junior which ever you would like to call it took out the 3 tunnels from the high winds, and also our small greenhouse.  We lost the greenhouse right away, which wasn’t a big surprise.  The plants  in the greenhouses took off. 

Seedlings started

April we got back on our feet and continued planning for everything.  We had lots of seedlings started and just toughed out the cold days.  April was the Indiegogo campaign to rebuild the tunnels.  It was great.  We felt the love and support from our customers and the community.   April was the pigs arriving and cleanup from March.  The excitement really starts to sink in about this time of year.


May was colder than normal.  Normally we have the tomatoes planted and starting to harvest them.  It was still too cold.   At the end of the month we did get them planted.   We were feeling the pinch of fresh product with the loss of the tunnels.  We got the tunnels back up and going.  A huge thank you to the students at the Culinary Institute and friends and the community for their help.  The peas were in bloom and the season was looking great.  We got 6000 strawberry plants planted, and 1500 asparagus plants.  Our summer students started working with us.  It was great looking forward to having some help. 


June once again was cold.  We had just planted out the tomato plants into the greenhouses for it to get under freezing a week later.  We lost most of them.  Time again to start over.    June we harvested peas, beans, some cherry tomatoes, patty pans and more.  The season was looking up still.  We were exhausted from all the extra work to date but weren’t slowing down.

Part 2 coming soon.