The second half of the year was a little less eventful, and a lot more bountiful.

Around noon the day Hurricane Arthur hit

An hour later.

July was Arthur.  Arthur took out the tunnels again after we spent all that time rebuilding them.  July we also got right down to business, got dirty and had lots of fun.  We had a bus tour of Seniors from Illionis.  It was a great experience for Olivia to work on public speaking skills.  We also had a group from Girl Guides of Canada from the Waterloo Region in Ontario come.  We had raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and so much more.  Our summer students left for more (temporary) hours on a turnip farm.

The Girl Guide of Canada group taking a break

Rainbow carrots

August.  Jeff’s parents arrived for a quick visit before heading home for his Uncles funeral.  They had just arrived on the Thursday evening to get a call on the Friday morning that he passed away.  Jeff headed to Ontario for the funeral.  We had the BBQ at the farm as part of the fundraising campaign.  We had the CRC Youth come out and help harvest blueberries, onions and paint the barn.  It was a bountiful month for crops.  We had lots of new potatoes, cucumbers, beans, and much more.  Olivia started with her flower bouquets too.  We ended the month celebrating Jeff’s birthday.

Red Thumb Fingerling potatoes

Some of Olivia's flowers

September was the Roving feast.  We were invited by Chef Dana Wood (no relation) to attend with him.  It was a great honour and a lot of fun.  September was also a bountiful month with lots of sweet corn, potatoes (all colours, shapes and sizes) and much much more.  We harvested the wild blueberries and were still harvesting high bush.  It was non-stop harvesting. 

a CSA share in September

October was filled with full harvest days.  We finished our fourth CSA season.  We participated in farm day in the City.  It was a jam packed month.  We had a visit from our mentors where we were first inspired to start a CSA farm.  Ken and Martha Laing from Sparta Ontario made the visit out to see us. 

Week #13 CSA

Week 16 CSA

November started to settle down.  We still harvested non stop.  Things were a little slower without the CSA (just veggie boxes) to prepare for.  November was also the ACORN (Atlantic Canada Organic Regional Organic Network) conference in Halifax.  We took off for a couple days to take in the conference, network and enjoy Halifax.  We were spoiled by Chef Dwayne at the Gahan House in Halifax, formally from Charlottetown. 

2014 Baby carrot harvest complete

Gahan Halifax

December was mild.  And we won’t complain.  Filled with lots of recipes added to the blog (soon to the recipe section), and more.  We ended it with the sudden passing of Jeff’s father on December 23, and Jeff and Olivia flying out to Ontario on Christmas Day.  We also celebrated Olivia’s 10th birthday. 

Olivia's 10th Birthday, Chef/Farmer to be.

William Lawrence (Larry) Wood, Dec 7, 1949-Dec 23, 2014 
pictured with his wife Kathy Wood

Now we start out 2015.  We spent January 1st resting for the most part.  I think there was some birthday cake that wasn’t touched on Olivia’s birthday.  Don’t worry it was an ice cream cake so has been kept in the freezer.  Onward we go looking forward to 2015 and the challenges (hopefully less) that it brings.