Through the past winter we watched the movie “Julie and Julia”.  It was about a lady named Julie that went through Julia Childs cookbook and cooked everything in it.  She blogged about each recipe she cooked.  This gave us an idea to try and do it as well, but not necessarily with a Julia Childs cook book.

Jeff had picked one out at Indigo to purchase and complete but never did buy.  We were looking for a book that cooked with in season vegetables and food that the average family would cook.  When we went to the Shellfish festival last weekend, we purchased Michael Smiths newest book, “Fast Flavours”.  I think this now makes 4 of 6 that we own.  We use them quiet often.,,9780143177647,00.html

We remember listening to Chef Michael Smith in Toronto back in April 2005 and other times we have heard him speak and some of the things that still stand out are: 

it isn’t the five year old that hops in the van and goes to buy the KD, so why is that all he wants to eat?

If it grows together, it goes together.

We have decided that we want to try every recipe in his new book.  They are meant to be easier and for families.  We have already started.  We will try and do at least 1 a week from his new book, take a picture and let you know what we thought of it.  We will also be trying the ones that fit most into what we have in season at that time, which will hopefully give you a new idea for a meal from the CSA or veggie boxes.  Maybe even put the book on your Christmas wish list, or a great gift for someone else.

Stay tuned to hear how we make out, and our personal opinions on each one.  We all have different tastes, likes and dislikes and eating habits.  Just because we like or dislike it doesn’t mean it will be the same for you.